Project Finance Supports Services

Loan Application2

Common Documents for Bank Loan

  • Application in Letterhead Pad
  • 1(one) copy passport size photograph of intending borrower(s) as well as guarantors(s).
  • Valid Trade License
  • Permission from BOI (if applicable)
  • TIN certificate
  • Bank statement for last 6 (six) months (if any)
  • Partnership deed (in case of partnership firm)
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association with certificate of incorporation duly certified by RJSC (in case of limited company
  • Certified copy of upto date list of directors (Form XII)
  • Financial statement for last 3 years
  • Project Feasibility Report for new project as well as BMRE of existing project.
  • Quotation/ Pro-forma invoice of Machinery
  • Machinery list with layout plan for installation.
  • Original title deed
  • Bia deed
  • CS, SA, RS & Hal Parcha
  • Mutation with DCR
  • Upto date rent receipt
  • Site Map/Municipal tax receipt
  • Non-encumbrance certificate
  • Approved plan for construction of building from the competent authority & estimate of cost of construction( in case of land owned by the project)
  • Survey Report of the fixed assets of the project or other collateral security.
  • Lease agreement (in case of rented premises) Form XVIII/IXX for creation of charges with RJSC.
  • Copy of membership of appropriate association.
  • CIB report of the borrower

Check List For Foreign Borrowing

1. Copy of Registration (Full set) consistent with your proposal.
2. Loan /Supply Agreement between the parties
3. Board’s Resolution. 4. Application form (Annexure – A) duly filled in.
5. Repayment Period along with Repayment schedule in details.
6. Grace period of the proposal.
7. Calculation of effective rate of interest.
8. Feasibility report of the project.
9. Financial Analysis in Details:
a) Internal Rate of Return (IRR);
b) Break-Even Analysis;
c) payback Period;
d) Sensitivity Analysis;
e) Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) analysis;
f ) Debt- equity ratio of the project. 1
10. Memorandum & Articles of Association (Certified copy).
11. Certificate of Incorporation with Joint Stock Company.
12. Relevant inquiry forms (CIB-1A, CIB-2A, CIB-3A) and under taking from sponsors Director duly filled in for collection of up-to-date CIB report form Bangladesh Bank.
13. Proforma Invoice/Price Quotation through international tender for importing of capital machinery.
14. Bank certificate as to indebtedness and creditworthiness of the borrowing company and its sponsors based on latest CIB report.
15. Certificate from BRTC, BUET in respect of Quality, Price and Economic life capital machinery to be imported (in case of supplier’s credit only).
16. Encashment certificate, C-form, & Bangladesh Bank report documents regarding these proposal (to be collect from Authorised Deller bank).
17. Utilization of the said loan with proper banking documents.
18. Equity encashment certificate of the project with proper banking documents.
19. Credential of the Sponsors.
20. Track record of FDI including foreign borrowing.