Project Feasibility Study Report

Project Feasibility Study Report

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A) Summery of the Project:

(i) Brief Description of the Project

(ii) Name, Location, Product/Services, Capacity

(iii) Fixed cost of the Project & Means of Finance

(iv) Production Capacity, Price and Revenue Generation

(iv) Short Financial Forecast

B) Management :

(i) Name of sponsor-Directors of the company, their background and experience.

(ii) Comment on the management and financial capabilities and track record.

(iii) Performance of other concerns, if any, where such Directors are involved.

(iv) Details of foreign collaboration, if any.

(v) Names of Directors who will be responsible for supervising the administrative and technical aspects, both at the implementation and production stages.

C) Market :

(i) Proposed product-mix/service to be offered.

(ii) Capacity to be developed.

(iii) Existing demand along with future projection.

(iv) Capacity already developed.

(v) Actual capacity utilization.

(vi) Demand-supply gap.

(vii) Pricing of proposed product/service.

(viii) If the product/service is import-substitute, duty structure of imported items.

(ix) Distribution channel.

D) Technical :

(i) Location-area of land and if development of land is required, the

cost thereof.

(ii) Communication facilities.

(iii) Availability of utilities.

(iv) Civil works – Type of building and specifications of construction,

covered area, estimated cost.

(v) Plant and machinery (list of machinery to be enclosed)

– Imported machinery

a) C&F cost

b) Other costs

c) Country of origin

-Local machinery.

– Erection and installation.

– Technology transfer, if any

(vi) Raw materials

– Imported

a) C&F cost

b) Duty and taxes

c) Other costs

– Local raw and packing materials

(vii) Manpower

  • Managerial and technical
  • Administrative and sales
  • Labour:
  • Skilled
  • Semi-skilled
  • Unskilled
  • (viii) Furniture and fixture

(ix) Office equipment

(x) Transportation

(xi) Safety provision

(xii) Waste disposal

(xiii) Implementation schedule


E) Financial aspects :

– Assumption for financial analysis

– Cost of the project and means of finance

– Estimate of working capital

– Sales estimate

– Projected income statement

– Cost of service/goods sold

– Gen., administrative and selling expenses

– Break-even analysis

– Pay-back period

– Cash-flow statement

– Projected balance sheet

– Debt-service coverage ratio

– Internal rate of return

– Ratio analysis

– Sensitivity analysis


F) Economic aspects :

– No. of jobs created

– Cost per job created

Contribution to GDP

– Earning in foreign exchange or foreign exchange savings.