Designing Industrial Building

Our consultancy services encompass the following –

Factory Building-2


(A) Interaction meetings with the Client and the architect;

Interactions meetings with the architect and the client for any discussion to finalize design drawings;


(B) Foundation Design-Drawings;

B.1 Detail design of foundation on the basis of sub-soil investigation report(s) and the design loads obtained from structural analysis;

B.2 Foundation layout plan showing column position and outer boundary;

 B.3 Detailed plan, sections showing the proper position of reinforcement.

(C) Structural Design-Drawings;

C1. Structural Analysis

C1.1 Taking the gravity and lateral loads specified in StructureBuilding Codes such as Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC), analysis are carried out for conceptual structural design for fixing the sizes of columns, structural walls;

C1.2 After finalizing the conceptual design, sophisticated analysis are carried out to obtain design loads taking the worst condition and probability into considerations.

C2. Structural Design

C2.1 On the basis of design loads and sophisticated structural analysis results, the structural working drawings will be prepared employing safe but economical design method to meet the requirements of “Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC)”;

C2.2 Structural drawings will be prepared taking safety, serviceability, and applicability aspects of the projects into considerations;Structre 2

 C2.3 Preparing structural details for making the structures earthquake resistant;

C2.4 Section and adequate details of all of the R.C.C. members with necessary reinforcement details;

C2.5 Specification of construction materials to meet design requirements;

C2.6 Layout plan of column and foundation of the Building including location of UGWR and OHWR;

C2.7 Preparation and supply of beam layout plan and slab outline plan showing the position of reinforcement;

C2.8 Details of design by taking into consideration with different factors to meet Bangladesh Building Design Code.

C3. Design Criteria and Material Specifications

C3.1 Clarify and mention the design criteria of the structures;

C3.2 Brief description of different type of loads and their combinations used in the structural analysis;

C3.3 Detail description of the concrete strength and reinforcing steel to be used in different members and stages of construction.

(D) Sanitary & Plumbing System Design-Drawings;

D1.1 Detail design of drinking water supply system including design of the pumping process and water storage in underground and overhead reservoir;

D1.2 Detail design of waste water and rain water disposal system including selection of location, size of rain water pipe, design of waste water piping system including size of pit, dia of pipe, slope etc.;Plumbing

D1.3 Preparing the lay-out and sectional drawings of waste water, soil pipe, rain water pipe, supply water piping system;

D1.4 Detail design of joint, bending, pressure valve and others.

(E) Electrical Design-Drawings;

E1.1 Complete layout plan of concealed piping work with switch, socket, light, fan, and all other necessary fittings as per requirements;

E1.2 Location and layout of SDB, MDB etc.;Electrical

E1.3 Design size of the wire, ECC and balance load distribution as per requirement;

E1.4 Selection of location of earthling point for the building;

E1.5 Selection of suitable location of substation and Generator room

(F) Fire Fighting System Design-Drawings;

F1.1 Advise the architects in placing the stairs as per requirements of Fire Service Department;

 F1.2 Detail design for fire detecting system to detect the fire in case of open fire anywhere in the building;

F1.3 Preparing the specification for the designed fire detecting system;Fire Fighting

F1.4 Detail Design of fire protection system so that the opened fire (if occurred) can be controlled within a specified time;

F1.5 Detail lay-out plan of fire hydrant system;

F1.6 Advise the Architect in fixing the capacity and location of Under Ground and Overhead Reservoir;


(G) Preparation of BOQ;

Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) on Architectural drawings and structural design drawings and estimated cost on the basis of PWD Rate Schedule 2014 and current market price.