Auto Bricks Industry

15 Sep

Auto Bricks Industry

tunnel kiln

Bangladesh has started making bricks using new technology, which cuts carbon emission almost by half and creates scope for earning huge foreign currencies.
Entrepreneurs and financiers said Bangladesh will be able to sell per tonne of saved carbon at $15 after June 2010.

The new technology being used by Diamond Auto and the likes is Hybrid Hoffman Kiln (HHK) technology imported from China.
A single kiln that runs on HHK technology will produce 15 million bricks and cut carbon emission by 5,000 tonnes a year. A double unit kiln will produce 30 million bricks and cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by 10,000 tonnes every year.
Industrial and Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd (IIDFC) has so far funded four brick manufacturing units including Diamond Auto Bricks under the technology.
Bangladesh has about 6,000 authorised brickfields and numerous illegal ones.
IIFDC Project Officer Shaymal Barman told The Daily Star that the brickfields in Bangladesh emit around 875 lakh tonnes of CO2 every year.
Barman said HHK kilns will reduce carbon emission almost by half.
Most of the works at Diamond Auto are done without human intervention. Coal and clay are mixed automatically and then poured into a machine. In every piece of brick about 2-3 percent coal is mixed. Bricks are prepared automatically and taken to a silo, and smoke of the kiln, which others use for burning bricks, is used for drying the raw bricks.
Owner of the brickfield M Zaydul Abedin said: “The smoke produced in my kiln is being trapped and used for drying raw bricks. So less CO2 is emitted.”
The strength of the bricks produced in this field is more than double than that of the traditional bricks, and the price is also competitive, said Abedin.

AUTOMATIC BRICK MANUFACTURING PLANT with following technologies:

  • Hybrid Hoffman Kiln


  • Tunnel Kiln

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