Agro-based Industry

15 Sep

Agro-based Industry

agro-photoAgro-Based Industry List of Bangladesh:


  1. Fruit based processed food manufacturing industries (Jam, Jelly, Juice, Pickles, Syrup, Sauce, etc.)
  2. Fruit (Tomato, Mango, Guava, Sugarcane, Jack fruit, Litchi, Pineapple, Coconut, etc.), vegetables, and lentils processing industries.
  3. Bread, biscuit, vermicelli, chanachur, noodles, etc.production industries.
  4. Production of flour, maida, and semolina.
  5. Processing of mushrooms and spirulina.
  6. Starch, glucose, dextrose, and other starch products manufacturing industries.
  7. Milk processing industries (milk pasteurization, powdered milk, ice cream, condensed milk, sweets, cheese, ghee, butter, chocolate, curd, etc.)
  8. Potato-based food manufacturing industries (potato chips, potato flakes, starch etc.)
  9. Spices manufacturing industries.
  10. Edible oil refining and hydrogenation industries.
  11. Salt processing industries.
  12. Processing and freezing of prawns and other fishes.
  13. Herbal and vestige medicine producing industries.
  14. Unani, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicine producing industries.
  15. Manufacturing industries of feed for duck, chickens, livestock and fish.
  16. Seed processing and preservation.
  17. Jute goods (thread, fabric, bag, carpet, sandal shoes etc.) producing industries.
  18. Silk fabrics and clothing manufacturing industries.
  19. Agro-based product processing machinery manufacturing industries.
  20. Rice, puffed rice, beaten rice, popped rice etc. processing industries.
  21. Aromatic rice processing industries.
  22. Tea processing industries.
  23. Coconut oil producing industries (if copra collected from local coconuts is used).
  24. Rubber tape and lakkha processing industries.
  25. Cold storage (processing and preservation of edible and seed potatoes, fruits, vegetables etc. produced by farmers).
  26. Preparation of furniture made of wood, bamboo and cane (except cottage industries).
  27. Flower preservation and exporting enterprises.
  28. Meat processing industries.
  29. Production of organic and mixed fertilizer and guti urea etc.
  30. Production of bio-pesticide and neem pesticide.
  31. Bee-keeping and honey collecting enterprises.
  32. Rubber-based goods producing industries.
  33. Manufacturing of particle board.
  34. Mustard oil manufacturing industries (if local mustard is used)
  35. Production of bio-gas and electricity(produced from paddy shell, poultry and cattle wastes).
  36. Edible oil (rice bran) manufacturing industries.
  37. Poultry and dairy farming industries.

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