Bankable Project Profile Preparation:

Rimex International welcome you to prepare Bankable Project Profile to set up any manufacturing industry either it is small or medium even large. The analytical financial report of the Project Profile shall ensure viability test report of the financial institute. The Report will consist of elaborate technical information in association with civil, electrical, mechanical engineering explanation. The precise marketing data with the latest survey of the targeted territory will be focused in the Project Profile for Bank Loan in Bangladesh or any places of the world.

We concentrate for the followings:

>> Industrial Mapping: Building – Utility Connection – Machinery Selection – Production – Compliance issues

>>Project Finance Supports Services

>> Preparation of Project Profile or Feasibility Study Report

>> Company Registration and issuing Licensing & Certificate

>> Preparation of Income Tax Return & Audit Report

>> Architectural Design & Approval

>> Factory Layout Design & Approval

>> Structural Designing and Building Cost Estimation